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Lead generation is an essential component of any modern marketing campaign.

While lead generation is helpful for many types of businesses, it is critical in real estate.

Without leads, your real estate business is dead in the water. You'll have no clients to sell for, no homes to market, and no commissions to sustain yourself.

So, what is lead generation in real estate? Lead generation is the process of attracting people through online ad campaigns and directing them to a sales funnel and capturing their contact information so you can initiate contact then nurture and turn them into a sale.

Let's discuss how to create and run a successful real estate lead generation campaign. If you want to attract more clients and earn more revenue in your real estate business, schedule a call.

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Whether you have a question, want to know more about our process, or need help strategizing your next client acquisition campaign, our team is on standby to help you stop wandering the digital wilderness and start making more sales than you’ve ever made. Contact us now. 

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Why The Best Realtors & Vacation Rental Managers Use Landing Pages For Lead Generation

Real estate landing pages are standalone pages with a single purpose: to convert traffic into leads. When someone visits your landing page they should be encouraged to share their contact information in exchange for valuable content such as detailed property info, price, etc. A good landing page is optimized to present the offer, collect the visitor’s contact information, and support your real estate marketing strategy. Landing pages reduce distraction (no exit points). Thus, leading the visitor to action (in this case, their contact information in exchange for the offer). We A/B test different landing pages as well as real estate website templates to discover the most effective designs and marketing copy for your offers. Realtors normally have a hard time turning clicks into conversions. In fact, real estate businesses only convert 2.47 percent of Facebook and Google PPC traffic. The problem is that most real estate professionals send traffic to pages on their website that are not optimized to capture emails and generate phone calls. I.e. they don’t use custom landing pages to convert readers into leads.

FACT, Digital Marketing and Social Media are the #1 way to

sell Real Estate according to the "National Association Of Realtors".

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Lead Capture Pages

Our sites are designed to have a high conversion rate. The easy-to-use search allows the visitor to see exactly what they are getting which increases the sign-up rate. Once a user signs up they will get emailed new listings as they become available and price changes. The user-friendly experience along with features like the map, area information, saving multiple searches, tagging favorite properties plus the new property alerts keeps the leads coming back.

Lead Generation Page For Real Estate 

Sample page with callouts:

1. Easy to find contact info.

2. Offer details. FREE, EXCLUSIVE, etc 

3. Lead capture form, Name, email, phone. 

4. Select yes to receive offer

5. Zoom call option or any other face to face communication

6. Featured properties listings

7. General info, your agency. your team, general area info

This optimized page can create up to 50+ HOT Leads

per day depending on the property

We "Generate High-Quality Leads" that convert to sales. Successful real estate agents and brokerages know that in order to grow their business, they need a consistent flow of leads to fuel their sales pipeline. We create real estate marketing funnels to attract the right visitors and nurture leads to sales so you’re only spending time talking to people who want to hear from you.

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We learn everything we can about your business and build a personalized action plan to help you achieve massive growth in 90 days or less.


After that, we handle the entire growth process for you so that you can reach new customers, save time, and scale your business faster.

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Digital Marketing | Social Media Management/Agency

Together we can create a strategy to increase your sales and brand awareness through your Website, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms.


Are your digital advertising/social media marketing ads/campaigns taking up to much of your valuable time? Are you up to date on all the latest trends and algorithms to make your online presence stand out from your competitors? Do you find it frustrating to find eye-catching content to share and keep your customers engaged to make them interact with you?


Digital Marketing is by for the Most Cost-Effective Way To Boost Your Business


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