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Lead Generation for Dentists and Medical Clinics.


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Our Clinic is one of the 10% top-rated 

clinics for dental tourism.

All of our Dr's have attended some of the most prestigious universities in the US and are up to date on the latest trends and procedures 

Our procedures are on average of 50% less than the US. You will save 1000's of dollars and experience the tropical vacation of a lifetime

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Contact Wendy our patient coordinator for a conversation regarding all our services and procedures. She is brilliant in guiding you through the processes. She can also advise on your travels to Costa Rica as well as how to turn your dental needs into a once in a lifetime dental tourism adventure.


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Digital Marketing Systems That Generate Leads on Demand

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Lead Generation for Dentists and Medical Practices.

Ready For  More Patients? Of course you are!

Let’s talk about how to harness the power of local lead generation for your dental clinic.

The thing that dentists have in common is that people usually only come to you when they’re in pain.

While you know you can help, how do you make sure it’s you that gets the patient through the door, and not your competition?

The answer is local lead generation. Our marketing strategy will produce a steady stream of "HOT" leads.

What is local lead generation and how can we make it work for your practice? By mastering this tactic, it can revolutionize how you bring in new clients.

Lead generation is the process of cultivating potential patients and increasing revenue for your dental practice. The objective is to gather contact information, usually an email address, which you can then use to market your services to the lead and turn them into a loyal customer.


A Landing Page is central to your lead generation strategy, hosting what we refer to as the lead generation funnel. Your lead strategy is designed to move prospects through the funnel towards the ‘close’, where they provide you with their details and become a lead.

Naturally, some people drop out of the lead generation funnel along the way, but a well-optimized funnel minimizes these losses and maximizes what we call lead conversions. 

START GROWING With Our Lead Generation Program Today.

Getting new patients has never been easier!

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Our Mission is to provide our expertise and experience in digital marketing for dentists to help their practices grow in patient-base and value. Marketing is a complex and rapidly changing industry.

Our Approach is both innovative and practical with proven results. We offer comprehensive dental marketing strategies that continually attract new patients to your practice.

Digital Marketing

Is your practice struggling to increase revenue and new patient numbers? It is likely your practice is losing the digital marketing battle. We use proven dental marketing strategies we have perfected over many years to increase your practice revenue and new patient opportunities. Digital marketing in the dental industry is unique. We understand all the complexities of creating and maintaining the right strategy for your local market success.

Reputation Marketing

Are you struggling to get more Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews each month? Are the corporate practices in your area rocketing to the top of the search results? The problem could be you do not have a proven system to build and market your reviews. Without a consistent source of new 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook your practice will not have new patient calls and case acceptance. Our system helps you solve this.


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