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If you are retired, looking forward to retirement, or just wanting to make a positive change in one of the top-rated retirement destinations in the world we urge you to consider Costa Rica Eco Village.  Here you can live with like-minded ex-pats that are living peacefully in a nature-filled environment. 

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Tropical Leaves

For decades Costa Rica has been among the world’s premier retirement destinations. It still is.  Are you in search of seeking a mild climate, better healthcare, amazing views, and lots to do…and all at a lower cost of living? Costa Rica Eco-Village is a welcoming ex-pat community located in the southern half of Costa Rica (Golfito). Here it’s easy to make friends to explore the jungle with, or to share an ice-cold, two-buck Pilsen beer while watching the sunset from a beach. And, given the many English speakers here, you don’t need fluent Spanish to fit in (though knowing some helps). It all adds up to easy, seamless integration into Costa Rican life.

Stick your toes in the sand and let the surf wash your worries away. Fill your days fishing, surfing, or scuba diving amid vividly colored tropical fish. Here you can settle in a nature-filled area where hummingbirds stop by your garden every day.

Why Costa Rica?


One term you should be familiar with is “Pura Vida” (pronounces poo-rah vee-dah).  Simply translated, it means “simple life” or “pure life”, but here in Costa Rica, it is more than just a saying—it is a way of life. Costa Ricans (Ticos) use this term to say hello, to say goodbye, to say everything’s great, to say everything’s cool. However, it is not the words that reflect the true meaning of ¡Pura Vida!. Pura Vida is the way Ticos live. Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world, mostly because its inhabitants don’t stress about things the way most foreigners do. Ticos have a very relaxed, simple way of looking at life. No worries, no fuss, no stress—pura vida to them means being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative."Pura Vida" is an emotion, it’s an attitude, it’s happiness, and it’s a way of life.  Once you’ve visited, you will understand the true meaning of pura vida.


With only 0.3 percent of the world's land mass and 4 percent of the world's species, Costa Rica is often cited as having the highest species per area unit in the world.  The government of Costa Rica, seeking to maintain this idyllic tropical setting has designated approximately one-fourth of the land to protected areas (national parks, wildlife refuges). Costa Rica also boasts many volcanoes, both active and inactive, that have been declared national parks. Environmental factors are responsible for this wealth of diversityThe geographic positioning of the country, situated between two large continental masses and two vast oceans, in addition to the combination of unique geology and climate, is highly conducive to the diverse biological and plant life.  Accordingly, one can find mangrove forests, cloud forests and rain forests, riparian forests, and deciduous forests.  In terms of ecosystem diversity, Costa Rica also has coral reefs and wetlands. 

Costa Rica Has So Much To Do And So Much To Offer

Tropical Leaves

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12 Oversize ready-to-build lots in one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica. A great opportunity to live in a healthy community, surrounded by beauty, great weather year-round, and good authentic people. The property is a wonderland, full of flora and fauna, exotic flowers and fruit trees. There are also famous Morpho Butterflies and a variety of Hummingbirds wandering around. The town of Golfito (about 15 minutes away) offers everything you may need from shopping, restaurants, fresh vegetables, and more.


Peaceful living is a dream in today’s world, where stressful conditions are everywhere, whether at the workplace, home, or elsewhere. We have to think seriously about how to live a peaceful life. For that, we have created Costa Rica Eco-Village. Living closer to nature is better for your health, new research suggests — and may even extend your life. Researchers found that people living in the greenest places — that is, people who had the most vegetation within 800 feet of their homes — had a 12 percent lower rate of mortality from any non-accidental cause than people living in the least green places.


Living abroad as an ex-pat is the adventure of a lifetime. What better way to experience a new country and culture than to live in amongst the people? You can meet interesting people, try new food, experience new things and maybe even learn a new language! Being an ex-pat can be challenging at first, you don’t know anyone or how anything works. That’s why the Costa Rica Eco-Village was created. We know that people who are happy in their new lives will ultimately stay. The community is a growing group of experienced ex-pats who have lived through the relocation process. Who better to show you the ropes, than someone who has first-hand knowledge?.

Why Costa Rica Eco-Village?

The Area Of Southern Costa Rica


The Golfito area around Southern Costa Rica is often referred to as the last frontier. A remote and secluded region of the country, Southern Costa Rica is an unexplored rugged wilderness, whereone can experience an alternative Costa Rica compared to the hustle and bustle of more popular touristy destinations.There are botanical gardens nearby, ideal for those who wish to wander peacefully amidst thousands of plant species and an abundance of butterflies and birds. To the south are a couple of great beaches for surfing and swimming. Adjacent to the mouth of the Coto Colorado River (Río Coto Colorado), which is lined with estuaries and diverse wildlife, is Playa Zancudo. The beach lies between the warm water of the Pacific Ocean and the 2-mile (3.2 km) long, laid back town of Zancudo. Almost 6 miles (10 km) in length, Playa Zancudo is as tropical and relaxed as you can imagine. Even further south is the equally peaceful, small town of Pavones. These hamlets don’t offer much except for great surfing, seafood and incredibly warm ocean water. In fact, as remote as it is, Pavones is world famous for its left-breaking, long lasting waves (best from April to October), which attract many visitors. If surfing isn’t for you, the surrounding beauty is enough to get lost in with the forested hills blending effortlessly into the soft sandy beaches. The end of the road resides just south of Punta Banco, a beach town about as vacant and isolated as anyone can possibly imagine.

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Friends, Peace

Pura Vida

Moving to Costa Rica is the perfect choice for pretty much anyone. Enthusiasts of Latin American culture will find themselves right at home in one of Central America’s most peaceful countries. Under the hot sun and between the golden coastlines, you’ll find a warm people with a cheap cost of living! 

Costa Rica is a country that can be proud of both its history and its geography. A country underwritten by the philosophy of peace, Costa Rica abolished its standing army in 1949. Furthermore, while most of its neighbors were subject to civil war, dictatorships, and political corruption, Costa Rica has more than sixty-year history of democracy.

And yet, perhaps even more peaceful than the political system is the country’s beautiful landscape. Encompassed by beautiful coastlines to the east and west, Costa Rica is a mountainous and volcanic country, rich in forests. Amazingly, while Costa Rica only accounts for about 0.03% of the world’s landmass, its rich ecosystems are home to almost 6% of the planet’s biodiversity. Nestled among creatures big, small and fantastic is a relatively happy group of expats. InterNations’ Expat Insider 2019 survey found that over a third of respondents living there were retirees, with an average age of 52. Maybe it’s the sandy beaches or the volcanically enriched coffee, but whatever the case, expats living in Costa Rica have fallen in love with the country. In the survey, just under half of the respondents living there said they were considering staying in Costa Rica forever.


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